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Affordable, Full-Service Payment Processing

You may already have several methods of accepting payments from customers – cash, check, credit, debit, etc. But did you know that today, more than ever before, the world of payments is constantly changing? And if you’re not changing with it, your business could get left behind.

Consumers worldwide are increasingly using digital e-Wallets to pay for purchases. In fact, e-Wallet is the fastest growing form of alternative payment in the world. Is your business ready for this game-changer?

If not, then here’s your chance to act by applying for this FREE and easy solution that could help increase your sales and profits.

System Key Features

  • Attract new Shoppers and Loyal Customers
  • Save money & reduce your cost of payment acceptance
  • Reduce your risk of Chargebacks & Fraud
  • Accept e-Wallet Payments in addition to all other Bank Credit/Debit Cards
  • Cashless
  • Convenient for both Merchant & Consumer
  • Fast,Safe,Secure,Reliable
  • Bank Integrated
  • Built-in Compliance
  • Does not touch the Federal “Wire”
Compliance – BSA & KYC

ID Verification

Customer ID is captured & read by device that collects data from barcode and magstrip

CIP Data Check

Data is filtered against OFAC and also public records to make sure it is legitimate and true


Customer picture and ID image is taken at time of enrollment or transactions.

Closed-Loop e-Wallet with Open-Loop ACH

Issuing and acquiring gateway
Main features and benefits:
  • Reduced cost to supplier (Seller)
  • Eleminate Direct Chargeback
  • Trusted funds avablity
  • Guaranteed funds
  • Unified and simplified processing more cost effective to receive payments and to pay others.

If you represent an e-commerce company that’s looking for a new way to accept payments, iTokenPay e-Wallet is the ideal solution. Sign up today, or contact us to learn more about implementing this industry-leading payment services solution.

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