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Sending/Receiving Funds

iTokenPay e-Wallet brings the state-of-the-art security that we offer merchants to your personal transactions with our consumer service, e-Wallet. Using e-Wallet, you can receive and send money online free of charge. This makes it easy to pay back friends, send money to family members, and bill your independent contracting clients. e-Wallet features all the safety and security that comes with any iTokenPay e-Wallet transaction, so you can feel confident in your decision to use our services when sending and receiving money.

Send Money Online Free Of Charge with e-Wallet?


At iTokenPay, we strive to offer the best service at minimal cost. Opening an e-Wallet account is completely free of charge, and there are no maintenance fees. You can send and receive money, and make purchases without ever having to pay us. You’ll only be charged a nominal fee when moving money from your e-Wallet account into your personal bank account. iTokenPay will never hit you with hidden fees, making it the affordable way to handle your personal transactions.

Send Money Simply and Safely


e-Wallet is easy to sign up for and easy to use. Once you enter your personal and payment information, your data is stored securely in our data center for maximum protection. You never have to enter it again, and this will streamline all of your transactions.

e-Wallet is protected by the same strong state-of-the-art security that has always characterized iTokenPay’s payment processing services. e-Wallet has certified PCI Level 1 compliance and SHA-256 SSL encryption to protect all your sensitive data during transactions. With e-Wallet, sending money online can be anxiety-free; no worries about hidden fees or the safety of your information. Create your account today!