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Make Purchases

The services iTokenPay e-Wallet provides are all about making transactions simple and safe for everyone involved. For consumers using e-Wallet, online purchases are as quick and painless as possible. With an e-Wallet account, you will enter your payment information just once to store and protect it in our data center. Then, any time you need to make a secure online purchase from one of our merchants, you simply use your phone number or ID. There’s no hassle of tracking down and re-entering your payment information.

Making an in-store purchase? No more having to carrying around credit or debit cards and remembering PIN numbers. Your driver’s license or state license is all you need to make a purchase at one of our participating merchants.

Top-Level Security

Hundreds of millions of sensitive personal records have been illegally accessed due to online security breaches. We’re all worried about being vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, but you can do something to protect yourself by using payment systems that protect your data as stringently as possible.

iTokenPay e-Wallet protects all of your transactions with Level 1 PCI compliance, SHA-256 SSL encryption, customizable Fraud Monitoring System and more. Once your payment information has been entered, we’ll protect it. You’ll never have to worry about security on your end when you make a purchase. Our services have been proven safe and secure while simultaneously providing a painless purchase experience.

An Affordable Digital e-Wallet Solution


If you’re looking for a painless purchase method, create your free e-Wallet account today. It’s quick and easy to make purchases from our merchants, send money, or receive payments with your e-Wallet. And as an added bonus, it’s free too. You can also use your e-Wallet to store money for free, or pay a minimal fee to transfer funds from your digital e-Wallet to your personal bank account. Like all of our iTokenPay services, we strive to make e-Wallet as affordable as possible, so almost everything you can do with your e-Wallet is completely free.

If you need an innovative way to send money or make a secure online purchase, e-Wallet from iTokenPay e-Wallet is the perfect solution, providing an shopping experience defined by streamlined, safe, and simple purchasing power. Join more than 100 million other consumers by creating your free account today.