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Loading Your Account

Find a Reload Location

Use your Mobile or online locator to find the nearest Authorized Dealer or Reload Location.

Load your account

Visit any reload location and load your account by providing the funds to the cashier

Use Your Funds

Funds loaded to your account are instantly available to use.

National Loading Network:

Consumers & Businesses may deposit (load) Cash or Checks through the following locations numbering in the tens-of-thousands nationwide:

Cash & Check Loading
  • MoneyGram Agents (includes Wal-Mart)
  • Walgreens
  • Grocery Stores
  • Currency Exchange & Check Cashing
  • Bill Pay Centers
  • Banks

Consumer Direct Loading & Unloading
  • Credit/Debit e-Wallet (requires a Merchant Account)
  • Bank ACH
  • Bank Wire
  • Currency Exchange & Check Cashing
  • Bank RDC

Save Time and Money with Direct Deposit:


Skip the trip to the bank or check cashier and load all or part of your paycheck to your iTokenPay account with Direct Deposit. It’s safe, convenient, and free!