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About us

iTokenPay, LLC is comprised of several companies which include BEST Inc. and TPP, LLC that are all tightly held, owned & operated by the same management core. These companies all operate synergistically to bring unique solutions made possible by their combined assets, as reflected by The Advante Group.

BEST Inc. was founded in 1982 with a mission to provide Business Software & Solutions at affordable prices while maintaining the highest possible quality in its products and services.

Over 3-decades and $55 Million have been invested in creating the premier Financial Point of Sale Software which embodies several thousand man years of experience.

Over 4000 installations worldwide with extreme reliability & diversity in features.

Entered the Prepaid Debit e-Wallet Issuing Business in the year 2000 and is currently a Certified Processor with several issuing Banks and nearly 8 Million e-Wallets that have been created and issued since that time in various industries starting with Pharmaceutical to Payroll to Personal Use e-Wallets, as well a variety of Payment Delivery e-Wallets & Instant Rebate e-Wallets.