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FREE Hybrid Merchant Account!

Full Payment Solution for Merchant.accept e-Wallet Payments in addition to all other Bank Credit/Debit Cards

How eWallet works

iTokenPay e-Wallet’s state-of-the-art payment processing services aren’t just restricted to merchant accounts. For the everyday consumer, iTokenPay e-Wallet has designed the free digital e-Wallet program.

Signup e-Wallet

Use your drivers licence or any other valid Identity card to register your account with some quick information and You're ready to go. Sign up and get started with your new digital e-wallet now.

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Load your account

Use your Credit/Debit Card or if you want to deposit cash/checks to your e-Wallet then simply provide the funds to the cashier at any reload location in the tens-of-thousands nationwide.

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Use your e-Wallet

Use your e-Wallet to make purchases in-store/online or pay bills. easy, convenient, secure and inexpensive way to get paid from employer or send/receive money to friend/relatives.

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Welcome to iTokenPay!

It’s free to open an e-Wallet account, and once you’ve created your account you can send and receive money online, shop, and store funds completely free of charge. Furthermore, e-Wallet connects directly to your bank account, giving you a safe and secure place to store and transfer funds. With e-Wallet, you can:

Whether you’re a consumer or a self-employed businessperson who needs to bill clients for your work, e-Wallet is a highly cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to send and receive money online.

  • Withdraw or load money from your bank account
  • Send and receive money from friends, family, merchants, clients
  • Shop online with your e-Wallet
  • Securely store your funds

Why Open a Free e-Wallet Account?

With your e-Wallet account, you can store, send, and receive payments from anywhere you have internet access. When you use e-Wallet to make purchases or exchange money with friends and family, you’ll have complete control of your funds—and you can always trust that they are safe and secure.

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Stay safe when you shop.

Our Fraud Monitoring system monitors and tracks transaction details, is customizable, adjustable, and intended to reduce the risk for both the consumer & merchant alike. Also, in case that your e-Wallet is stolen, you can easily disable it from your account.

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An e-Wallet You Can’t Lose or Forget

An e-Wallet is a payment method that allows you to make purchases without cash, checks, bank cards or credit cards.You can access your e-Wallet from your computer or mobile phone. This means your digital e-Wallet goes wherever you go, so you’re always able to access and use your funds.

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